…a lesson learnt?

It’s been a while since I blogged.

Twig is approaching 3 years old, and oh my is she the little threenager already! If you aren’t clear on what a threenager may be, here’s a handy definition:

“The threenager is that age when your 3-year-old continually acts like they are going on 13. They have an attitude for miles, a stubborn streak, and want what they want, when they want. Hell hath no fury like a threenager who refuses to nap.”

Credit to Google for that one, but it pretty much sums up Twig at the moment. I’ve been repeatedly tweeting about how I am fed up with, well, repeating myself! Twig is increasingly picking and choosing when to follow instruction, something I’ve not really had to worry about until now.

Last night twig woke unexpectedly at 1am, my lovely husband sorted her (milk and a blankie, we think she was possibly cold- a ridiculous situation after the recent heatwave!) so this morning she was perhaps a little tired, being used to sleeping 10 solid hours a night (give or take) 

I decided we’d pop to Sainsbury’s for bread and porridge, then head to a local park with her Bing scooter, which she’s recently gotten to grips with. Twig was very happy with this plan, although getting her sorted to go out included twenty requests that she sit still to brush her teeth, warnings of going to the corner if she didn’t let me brush her hair, and her nearly toppling over after she failed to listen and stand still whilst tying shoe laces. She was, however, a good girl going round the shop.

Then we returned to the car.

I was confronted with a toddler who climbed into the car herself (to be helpful) but then decided she didn’t want to go in her car seat. Plonking herself onto the seat next to it, she refused to move. I kept my cool, asked her nicely, then more firmly, to get into her seat. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again….

I sent a whatsapp to my family group chat, initially finding it amusing. But then I stood for nearly twenty minutes in this situation. People were watching me, I still kept my cool, but had had enough. 

Wrestling her into her car seat, she was told we were no longer going to the park. If she can’t listen to me in a stationary car, what hope do I have in the park? 

Then the crying began.

Then the screaming.

Then the absolute toddler meltdown.

We got home, and I left her to it. Eventually she calmed down, we had a cuddle, and I explained again why we hadn’t gone to the park.

This all may sound quite standard to many parents, but I am not used to Twig melting down to such an extreme. But did she learn her lesson? During our cuddle and make up she seemed to.

Something else I have noticed lately is her expectation to receive toys/gifts when we are in the shops. In part my fault, moreso, in my opinion, her dad’s. He works a lot and I think promising her toys relieves some of the guilt. But we are now at a point where Twig picks toys, plays with them for five minutes, and thats it. I never wanted a spoilt child, yet that is what we are creating. I couldn’t help but think this morning was an accumulation of Twig being used to getting what she wants, as well as tired threenager-ness.

And so a sweeping declaration right here- no more random toys. Treats need to be going to the park or seeing family. And I want to stick to it. 

So, has Twig learnt a lesson? I hope so. Have I? Definitely. 

I like to think we are consistent with our discipline for Twig, with a warning system and time out in the corner/her room if needed. Lately it’s been more tricky with her selective hearing and came to a head this morning. 

Have you had similar problems with your toddler not listening? How did you overcome it, if at all? 


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