“Now that I’ve been sperminated…”

It has been a while since a book has inspired me to blog, and even longer since I have had a book I’ve been unable to put down and finished in a matter of days.

Trouble by Non Pratt:

‘Hannah is smart and funny.
She’s also fifteen and pregnant

Aaron is the new boy at school.
He doesn’t want to attract attention.

So why does Aaron offer to be the pretend dad to Hannah’s unborn baby?’

This book takes you through the three trimesters of Hannah’s pregnancy, switching between Hannah and Aaron’s point of view. Both of their stories interlink but are also very different, and keep you guessing throughout. Be assured this is not another kooky Juno story (not that I am anti-Juno, I was just relieved this stood apart as its own story)

From the first page it is readable and, more importantly, believeable.

As a secondary school teacher, I observe and encounter the harsh realities of being a modern day teenager on a daily basis; from gross Public Displays of Affection in corridors (at which I regularly hurl the classic ‘don’t make me vomit up my lunch, get to lesson!!”), stories from weekend parties/gatherings and the reassuring smiles of BFFs, to friendship fall outs and the cruellest of cyber bullying. The characters and events in this book are so real you’d think Non had based this story on real teens.

The story flows so that you don’t even realise when 200+ pages have gone by. It will make you smile, cry, laugh and often make you cringe as you are reminded of your own teenage shenanigans as well, all in equal measure.

The love of being a parent, first loves, the ties that friendships form and all other forms of love and hate in between are presented beautifully, and make you grateful for the love that exists in your own life.

I wont go into much more detail about Hannah and Aaron’s story (never was a fan of spoilers, and it’s not a story I’d want to ruin for someone) but my favourite quote, ‘now that I’ve been sperminated’, is now my favourite phrase of all time, and this book has made it to my Bookshelf of Joy (all my faves are there) with ease.